Thursday, September 13, 2007

Take Off Your Clothes

The S.W.A.P. Team (“Sisters With A Perspective”) is a non-profit awareness unit founded by Danielle Robichaud and Aleece Germano. The group endeavours to promote sharing as an antidote to overconsumption while increasing awareness of the human and natural resources involved in the creation, transportation and marketing of mass produced consumer goods. So if you have clothes that are in good conition but you don't wear anymore, Bring them Over to Parc Dreapeau to piknic electronic and either trade them in for other clothing or have then donated to the Salvation Army. The Fairyesque team is donating a whole bunch of clothing so who knows you may find some our designer frocks! Of coarse while you shop you can enjoy the music as well! This Sunday September 16 starting at 2pm till 7pm. If you want to know more about piknic electronic Musical Event please check out their site., More info On Equipe Swap