Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gift Certificates available for Private Fashion Sewing Courses

Private Beginner Sewing course 
Gift Certificates 
available now for the aspiring Seamstress!

*I started sewing when I was 12 years old and I haven't looked back since.
I can't imagine my life without this, the ability to shape,stitch,re-d
o & create textiles & clothes.

There is no better time to start than the present, I may have been doing it ...for a very long time but I never stop learning & discovering new aspects about sewing.
Anyone can do this, you just have to at least try it once to understand the work behind everything you wear.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

The "Fancy Dress" Sewing/design Course

What is it about this dress that makes me want to make it & wear it?
Thinking of sewing your own party dress, Take a crash course with me to get the tailored details.
PS. If there's an event soon, I want to be wearing this!

~Tailor Made Studio

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sheerness & the lake

Nothing other than; unmitigated (used for emphasis): "she giggled with sheer delight".

There's something riveting & revealing about wearing sheer fabrics.
For me I love the drama of  all the tails of fabric flying behind me.
I was talking to a student of mine Jas about the new fixation with this style,
We talked about how it suited any body type or character, it's like we didn't have to hide behind layers of heavy fabric but to be free flowing. 
I brought up the bubble skirt/dress phenomenon, her being almost 15 years younger hadn't really experienced the longevity of the voluminous fabric bubbles. I remembered feeling like a walking tomato.
 I've never had a sleek figure, it leans towards the curvy side. So I am drawn to the sheerness & the elegance of it.
This Summer in honor of sheerness, I made a Off the shoulder Floral dress with a matching strapless slip for a summer event and I have been making dress after dress of pure lightness.


Il ya quelque chose rivetiing et révélant au sujet du port tissus transparents.
Pour moi, j'aime le drame de toutes les queues de tissu de vol derrière moi.
Je parlais à un étudiant de Jas la mine sur la fixation du nouveau avec ce style,
Nous avons parlé de la façon dont il convient tout type de corps ou de caractère, c'est comme si nous n'avons pas eu à se cacher derrière des couches de tissu lourd, mais pour s'écouler librement.
J'ai fait monter la bulle jupe / robe phénomène, son être près de 15 ans plus jeune n'avait pas vraiment connu la longévité des bulles de tissu volumineux. Je me suis souvenu se sentir comme une tomate à pied.
  Je n'ai jamais eu un chiffre élégant, il se penche vers le côté sinueux. Donc, je suis attiré par la verticalité et l'élégance de celui-ci.
Cet été, en l'honneur de la verticalité, j'ai fait un arrêt de la robe épaule floral avec un bordereau de correspondance bustier pour un événement estival et j'ai été prise robe après robe de pure légèreté.


SWAPPing is the new shopping this Saturday & Sunday July 28th & 29th at Place Des Arts
I've been involved with the SWAP team for the past 5 years & some, I've always been on the design side of the swap so it was only natural for me to transform into their official DIY Couture Coach, the go-to person for all things, sewing,tailoring & upcycling.
 What does that mean?
You can contact me by email at for any suggestions or questions regarding Upcycling,altering or re-styling your newly SWAPPED clothes.
It means you have direct contact with an experienced Fashion Designer(13 years) & Professional Seamstress/Tailor (23 years) to ask all of those questions to.
It's all about taking collaborative exchange & always making it stronger & more connected.
I will have a table at the next event on Saturday 28th (only), so after you've swapped all you precious pieces come by & chat with me.

J'ai été impliqué avec l'équipe de SWAP pour les 5 dernières années et certains, j'ai toujours été du côté de conception de l'échange et il était donc naturel pour moi de traduire dans leur entraîneur officiel de bricolage Couture, le go-to personne pour toutes choses, la couture, la confection et upcycling.
  Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire?
Vous pouvez me contacter par courriel à pour toutes suggestions ou des questions concernant Upcycling, modifier ou re-styling vos vêtements nouvellement échangés.
Cela signifie que vous avez un contact direct avec un créateur de mode expérimenté (13 ans) & Professional Couturière / Tailleur (23 ans) de demander à toutes ces questions à.
C'est une question de la prise d'échanges collaboratifs et toujours le rendant plus fort et plus connecté.
Je vais avoir une table lors du prochain événement le samedi 28 (seulement), donc après que vous avez échangé tous les morceaux que vous venez en précieux et chatter avec moi.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is it possible that you make that yourself?

Images: &

Can I make all my clothes head to toe? Yes.
Do I always make all my clothes? Sometimes, when I'm inspired & have amazing fabrics.
Do I want to be uniquely MY style? Of course, who doesn't?
Can I find my size,colour and look in any store? Not usually, I usually have to alter the garment to my size(I think I am a commercial size 10 it always changes though) or the fabric isn't strong enough, it usually falls apart after a week.

Ask yourself the same questions, I always do.
It's what convinces me to make my own clothes more & more, I resist going to the store to find yet another piece of clothing that wasn't made for me and my body.
Even if the garment is low in cost, I still regret that I could have just bought some amazing fabric & sewn it myself.Surprisingly, you can buy fabric beginning at $2 a metre (a metre can make a midi skirt).

So this week, with my new obsession in the sheer garment trend (skirts,tops,dresses)
I decided to make a midi sheer tangerine skirt (just a little above the knee), it's the perfect length for a women of 5'2(or any height) and any lady who is curvy or petite.
I love the way the sheer shows the silhouette but leaves some mystery, it doesn't feel like your wearing a sack.
 I tend to layer it over a fitted dress or skirt/top underneath in any colour to complete the look.
After I made it I realized that I love the way it looks & how I feel.
but the best part is when I hop on my bike, I have my skirt fluttering behind me like a bird.

Happy Thursday!
Hope your planning your creative projects for the holiday weekend!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Whether it rains or not, I will be creative.

This morning, I am looking at my day as a chance to shape it into a full blown creative & constructive day.
Every morning is like this for me as an independent business owner/entrepreneur, I have no idea what to expect or what changes may happen in a moments notice but I always know I have put all my energy in the each day,week,month & year to be in this place.
Despite the multiple projects I do, it always comes down to one thing.
I am still learning.
So to shake up your week & hide from the rain, try this fun 50's style dress as a evening/after work project.
It's wonderfully ladylike and elegant (all the things I adore) from "Elegant Musings"

.If you have any questions, don't be shy send me a message at and ask me any questions you'd like!
I always love to hear from you.

Happy & Lively Monday!


Men Like Sewing.


I came to this realization the other day when I did the Fringe Eco-Fair and the majority of the people I taught there were Men (typically I have women,girls,kids).

Men like sewing in a specific way, it's usually about straight up technique.
How can I fix a hole or hem my pants or sew on a button?
They also asked me to teach them more complex stitches like it was a game challenge.
And if you can believe it, it was all hand stitching so no machines were involved in the process.
Although it's not a major surprise, men have been solid tailors since the beginning of the suit.
but I do feel it was a lost skill to the man when they believed that women only sew.
I think that sewing is not only creative but it has that technical side much like anything we build (cars,houses,computers..).
It just comes down to raw workmanship we used to know and having the guts to learn it again.
SO I just wanted to say that if your a man & you honed in on your mad sewing skills, I am seriously impressed by you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fringe Eco Fair Wednesday June 20th

   For all the Eco lovers, this is the kind of event you have to be at :
 I'll be playing host to my upcycling "Jeans to accessories" workshop as well as answering any burning  questions about your love of sewing & fashion.
I will be joined by other eco/sustainable people & organizations promoting their dedication to the environment & green living practices.
Where? at Parc des Ameriques (corner of St.Laurent & Rachel) at the Fringe Fest.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Love of Skirts (and dresses too!)

Years ago I decided that skirts & dresses suited me & my body and this began my love of anything skirt/dress- like.
One of the easiest and non-fussy pieces to sew and create is a Circle Skirt, I believe it fits everywhere but more importantly in my daily life & business. It adds that little extra swish to my walk and compliments my array of accessories and tops.
So I found this amazing tutorial when I was doing my usual digging one day and I wanted to share it. I really wanted to inspire you to start your first project or at least your absolute favourite piece of the summer. The best thing about skirts is that as soon as you change the top and any detail around it, it becomes a whole new look. So nobody will find out that you actually have only one! (that's a trick of mine!).
* you can try this in jersey or woven fabric, play with fun prints & textures.
If you are really struggling with it, don't hesitate to ask me questions (see above on the right!).
I will be sure to answer it!
~Nicole Picard


Sunday, April 29, 2012

In honour of my friend Amanda's Orange Peplum dress

With the love of the flirty peplums this season, my dear friend Amanda sported one for her bachelorette girly party.
I have the perfect DIY tutorial to add a little flip to your walk~
A pair & a spare blog : PEPLUM

Have a Couture inspired week and sew a stitch!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My student, Jessica's stunning skirt

Thanks to Ian Woo, I have these magical & alluring photos of my student Jessica
This was an impromptu shoot at the SWAP HQ/living quarters (Aleece Germano) with the famous library & vintage furniture...dare I say velvety royal-like loveseats...Let's not forget the camel coloured skirt creation by Jessica herself! Such a strong collaboration between the model/student & photographer!
I'd also like to add that Jessica, by day works for McGill & in the past was a journalist. She took these classes to try to make her own wardrobe.Being a first timer at sewing & design she was determined to see this project through and picked up the techniques with such a calmness & ease.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Student, Carol Ribeiro's Pin Up Style Dress!

She is a talented seamstress & musician! (she also is the master mind behind my workshop video!)...She whipped this out in my 12 hour sewing course...I was so impressed how quickly she assembled & sewed everything. Her skills are impeccable! 
Found out more about her here at the Quartier Mode Blog

Remembering the Holiday Workshop at Quartier Mode

Getting started 

Flora intently working on her floral brooch
Floral brooch making!



In the midst of the winter cold, I convinced 2 groups of eager seamstresses ( & seamsters -for men!) to come & visit me at my Mentee's Tiffany's Store, the brand new local boutique Quartier Mode.
For 2 days, I patiently taught each person to create 2 different accessories which I knew would compliment their wardrobe. The excitement was incredible, in the first evening I had a large group of diverse characters from Musicians to Math teachers, Jewellery designers,Journalists,Fashion Historians, Radio Hosts & more. I even had 2 men in the mix who created a joint gift for their mother. The 2nd day I decided to go easy & had a smaller more compact group of ladies, they were so focused & determined. The result of their work showed it, in lucious leopard prints,soft greys, black & white flowers, ruffly greens & plaids.
I was so excited to share my knowledge of tailoring & couture to those who are new to it!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time to make a little fancy something..

I now have some spots available for new Sewing or Design students on Thursday & Friday evenings around 6pm or Tuesday & Wednesday 3-5pm.
Msg me for more details....
FYI : I teach Sewing, basic patternmaking, Fashion Designing and Fashion Illustration/Tech. sketches.

Couture Made (appreciate the work!)

Appreciate this....a peak into the making of a couture gown. Hand sew/hand made garments take the same time & effort with a satisfying result. Is this something you could do?