Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring/Summer Private Beginner Sewing Lessons in Montreal and Toronto

Hello all!

I am excited to start off the Spring/Summer season by offering a few special spots to you all for my Private one on one Sewing courses,read on for details:

Extra treats
-learn secret tricks and tips from an expert seamstress
-create patterns that can be transformed into multiple styles
-adapt to your style,your ideas,your flow
-receive up to date resources for fabric,patterns & sewing support groups
-in the comfort of your own home
-have all of my focused attention 
-working around your timeframes

To register or book in advance please send me a PM for more details or sign up here:
*See the course outline below.

All the best,
Nikki Picard

Beginner Seamstress workshop No.1 (4 hours)= $190
Project: *See choices below(fabric included +will provide notions and tools)
Students #: 1 (*ask about 2 or more rates)

Course outline:
1) Brief intro of textiles,tools,& an intro to the Sewing machine.(Bonus: Secret stitch tips)
2) Design project & choose fabric,learn how to read patterns.(Bonus: Learn to craft basic quick patterns)
3) Practice sewing (basic stitches) & cut-out pattern.
4)Start sewing project & finishing with embellishments.

Fantastic Beginner project ideas to choose from: 
-DIY bag
-Infinity scarf(different styles)
-Hair accessories/Brooches
-Basic Skirt with Yoga style waistband 
*can send pics for examples!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#DIY Blog en francais/ Hello French side of my heritage.

J'aime le monde de la créativité
I am half French Canadian and a quarter Welsh and a dash of Irish mixed in.
Which explains my character and namesake,with all this being said
I found a delightful french (Pardon,Parisian not Quebecois) DIY Fashion Blog
to get your creative mind & sewing machine charged up.
Visit & make at MAKE MY LEMONADE

Follow my stories on:
Instagram: @misstailormademtl
Twitter: @tailormademtl

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Local hand made feature: Quartier Mode (Blogger & Entrepreneuress, Tiffany Elton)

                                                       TIFFANY ELTON of Quartier Mode

Quartier Mode video in collaboration with Carol Riberio

My mentee Tiffany has been in my creative world for a long time (5 years+),she is always and ever evolving in the fashion/diy/local scene starting as my employee(Fairyesque) and growing into a strong local blogger,creator and Entrepreneuress. She has collaborated and highlighted some of the finest,hottest Montreal designers,makers and creators.
We share the same purpose and passion, supporting local talented craftspeople from Fashion to art to decor. If it's handmade we are there cheering it all on.
This Newfoundland native will be heading back to her hometown for a little fresh air and inspiration, so follow her journey and thoughts at :


Monday, February 10, 2014

Tailor made thoughts: Spark up your winter groove. Shine,sparkle and move forward.

"Whether it be boredom, fear, exhaustion or simply distraction, there are ways to shatter the walls that threaten to keep your ideas from developing. Here are a few exercises that can help in overcoming creative blockades, no matter what type of project you find yourself working on."

In the midst of the winter tundra, I am often torn by the lack of sunlight & the frost hitting me at full force. Despite all the elements, I am strengthening and planning for the Spring months.
Filling my notebooks,making lists and re-organizing my mind to prepare for those BIG shiny new projects. 

To give you all some background, I have changed my surroundings and made the move to Toronto. 
This move bought a new twist in my journey introducing the costume world to my repertoire of experiences. 

I still undoubtedly support talented designers,aspiring seamstresses and creative newbies.
This will always be my bottom line.
(I am still offering online tutorials,consultations and mentoring.)

As I am exploring this part of my life, I welcome you all to write me and share your thoughts,ask advice and propose design collaborations,etc.

I will be sharing with you all from time to time, DIY ideas, inspirations, connections,stories of my students/mentees and thoughts of the creative world.

You can always find me here:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tailor Made Wintery contest: Win a copy of "Sew Retro" Vintage sewing book

Happy holidays Aspiring Tailors & Sewing curious!
To bring in the New year with Tailor Made Studio (Nicole Picard), I thought a perfect way to set the tone for your brand new creative adventures and to give some goodies to my supporters is to offer a free copy of 
"Sew Retro" by Judi Ketteler. This book has simple vintage inspired sewing projects for the new seamstresses. It also has included a series of 7-8 patterns that match each tutorial.
History,#vintage and a daily project to send you on your way.
All you need to do is answer the following questions:
Who or what influences your style?

Wishing you a warm & fuzzy (preferably with layers of cashmere/wool)!
Happy tailoring.
All the best,

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Costume life

Tailor Made update: 
This Fall I had the pleasure of working with Lee Kinoshita-Bevington on CBC Televisions Battle of the Blades.So officially,I am now in the TV #costume/wardrobe world if you would like advice or perhaps book a #sewing course (Toronto only!) 
Feel free to message me at
*Holiday Gift certificates available.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Montreal D.I.Y Sewing workshop (2 days only -July 12th & 13th)

I am in my hometown Montreal hosting 
2 D.I.Y packed sewing workshops on July 12th(1-4pm) & 13th(12-3pm). 
Cost of each workshop is $65 each (if you book for the 2 days it will be $100 total)

In the spirit of summer and my abundance of creative energy, I have designed a 3 hour session that will give you 4 AMAZING patterns in one(four 4 one)
Only because I love versatility, layers and transformational outfits(like a butterfly!)

To reserve your spot & discover the location send me a message at


*I think it started when I was little, I always wanted a unique style every day so a found a way to make that one favorite piece look different in every ensemble.   It's so much fun fooling your friends & family into believing you never wear anything twice!
Little do they know that your favorite piece is in almost every outfit.