Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is it possible that you make that yourself?

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Can I make all my clothes head to toe? Yes.
Do I always make all my clothes? Sometimes, when I'm inspired & have amazing fabrics.
Do I want to be uniquely MY style? Of course, who doesn't?
Can I find my size,colour and look in any store? Not usually, I usually have to alter the garment to my size(I think I am a commercial size 10 it always changes though) or the fabric isn't strong enough, it usually falls apart after a week.

Ask yourself the same questions, I always do.
It's what convinces me to make my own clothes more & more, I resist going to the store to find yet another piece of clothing that wasn't made for me and my body.
Even if the garment is low in cost, I still regret that I could have just bought some amazing fabric & sewn it myself.Surprisingly, you can buy fabric beginning at $2 a metre (a metre can make a midi skirt).

So this week, with my new obsession in the sheer garment trend (skirts,tops,dresses)
I decided to make a midi sheer tangerine skirt (just a little above the knee), it's the perfect length for a women of 5'2(or any height) and any lady who is curvy or petite.
I love the way the sheer shows the silhouette but leaves some mystery, it doesn't feel like your wearing a sack.
 I tend to layer it over a fitted dress or skirt/top underneath in any colour to complete the look.
After I made it I realized that I love the way it looks & how I feel.
but the best part is when I hop on my bike, I have my skirt fluttering behind me like a bird.

Happy Thursday!
Hope your planning your creative projects for the holiday weekend!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Whether it rains or not, I will be creative.

This morning, I am looking at my day as a chance to shape it into a full blown creative & constructive day.
Every morning is like this for me as an independent business owner/entrepreneur, I have no idea what to expect or what changes may happen in a moments notice but I always know I have put all my energy in the each day,week,month & year to be in this place.
Despite the multiple projects I do, it always comes down to one thing.
I am still learning.
So to shake up your week & hide from the rain, try this fun 50's style dress as a evening/after work project.
It's wonderfully ladylike and elegant (all the things I adore) from "Elegant Musings"

.If you have any questions, don't be shy send me a message at and ask me any questions you'd like!
I always love to hear from you.

Happy & Lively Monday!


Men Like Sewing.


I came to this realization the other day when I did the Fringe Eco-Fair and the majority of the people I taught there were Men (typically I have women,girls,kids).

Men like sewing in a specific way, it's usually about straight up technique.
How can I fix a hole or hem my pants or sew on a button?
They also asked me to teach them more complex stitches like it was a game challenge.
And if you can believe it, it was all hand stitching so no machines were involved in the process.
Although it's not a major surprise, men have been solid tailors since the beginning of the suit.
but I do feel it was a lost skill to the man when they believed that women only sew.
I think that sewing is not only creative but it has that technical side much like anything we build (cars,houses,computers..).
It just comes down to raw workmanship we used to know and having the guts to learn it again.
SO I just wanted to say that if your a man & you honed in on your mad sewing skills, I am seriously impressed by you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fringe Eco Fair Wednesday June 20th

   For all the Eco lovers, this is the kind of event you have to be at :
 I'll be playing host to my upcycling "Jeans to accessories" workshop as well as answering any burning  questions about your love of sewing & fashion.
I will be joined by other eco/sustainable people & organizations promoting their dedication to the environment & green living practices.
Where? at Parc des Ameriques (corner of St.Laurent & Rachel) at the Fringe Fest.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Love of Skirts (and dresses too!)

Years ago I decided that skirts & dresses suited me & my body and this began my love of anything skirt/dress- like.
One of the easiest and non-fussy pieces to sew and create is a Circle Skirt, I believe it fits everywhere but more importantly in my daily life & business. It adds that little extra swish to my walk and compliments my array of accessories and tops.
So I found this amazing tutorial when I was doing my usual digging one day and I wanted to share it. I really wanted to inspire you to start your first project or at least your absolute favourite piece of the summer. The best thing about skirts is that as soon as you change the top and any detail around it, it becomes a whole new look. So nobody will find out that you actually have only one! (that's a trick of mine!).
* you can try this in jersey or woven fabric, play with fun prints & textures.
If you are really struggling with it, don't hesitate to ask me questions (see above on the right!).
I will be sure to answer it!
~Nicole Picard