Saturday, March 10, 2012

My student, Jessica's stunning skirt

Thanks to Ian Woo, I have these magical & alluring photos of my student Jessica
This was an impromptu shoot at the SWAP HQ/living quarters (Aleece Germano) with the famous library & vintage furniture...dare I say velvety royal-like loveseats...Let's not forget the camel coloured skirt creation by Jessica herself! Such a strong collaboration between the model/student & photographer!
I'd also like to add that Jessica, by day works for McGill & in the past was a journalist. She took these classes to try to make her own wardrobe.Being a first timer at sewing & design she was determined to see this project through and picked up the techniques with such a calmness & ease.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Student, Carol Ribeiro's Pin Up Style Dress!

She is a talented seamstress & musician! (she also is the master mind behind my workshop video!)...She whipped this out in my 12 hour sewing course...I was so impressed how quickly she assembled & sewed everything. Her skills are impeccable! 
Found out more about her here at the Quartier Mode Blog

Remembering the Holiday Workshop at Quartier Mode

Getting started 

Flora intently working on her floral brooch
Floral brooch making!



In the midst of the winter cold, I convinced 2 groups of eager seamstresses ( & seamsters -for men!) to come & visit me at my Mentee's Tiffany's Store, the brand new local boutique Quartier Mode.
For 2 days, I patiently taught each person to create 2 different accessories which I knew would compliment their wardrobe. The excitement was incredible, in the first evening I had a large group of diverse characters from Musicians to Math teachers, Jewellery designers,Journalists,Fashion Historians, Radio Hosts & more. I even had 2 men in the mix who created a joint gift for their mother. The 2nd day I decided to go easy & had a smaller more compact group of ladies, they were so focused & determined. The result of their work showed it, in lucious leopard prints,soft greys, black & white flowers, ruffly greens & plaids.
I was so excited to share my knowledge of tailoring & couture to those who are new to it!