Sunday, June 5, 2011

The S.W.A.P team blog post with me!

01 . 06 . 2011
by Tiffany Elton

A long time fashion designer, artist and now sewing teacher, Nicole has been involved in a number of Upcycling & Recycling workshops for the City of Montreal as well as collaborating with the non-profit organization The S.W.A.P team and is the designer/owner for the clothing line Fairyesque.

Now based on her whimsical flare for fashion, Nicole brings us beautiful hair accessories & brooches for her collection “Blue-eyed Coquette” available at shops around Montreal.
She has a great personal style – this lady can usually be seen riding her bike around Montreal in pretty skirts with just the right amount of crinoline, and beautiful accessories … I had to S.W.A.P. style with her:

1) What are your best ever thrift-ed or swapped find(s)?

Oh, I would say a pair of cowgirl boots from The S.W.A.P Team.

2) Where did you find them and how much did you spend?

I found them at a S.W.A.P Team event. I swapped for them, so I paid nothing!

3) Who is (are) your style inspirations and why?

Donna Summers in the 70’s, Goldfrapp and Anna friel’s costumes in “Pushing daisies”. Wonderful!

4) What finds are you still hunting for?

I am still looking for Turquoise leather belts and bags, intricate feminine top designs (that are not t-shirts). Not easy to find, but I will for sure some day!

To visit the S.W.A.P team site go to

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