Saturday, July 23, 2011

Testimonial by my Sewing student, Sally Lee

Photo of Sally in her creation by Ian Woo

"You walk into a neighborhood montréalais-mile-end triplex, up the beautiful wooden staircase and patterned floor tiles, into Nicole's cozy apartment where she welcomes you with a big, warm smile. It is here that you begin the magic of transformation and innovation. I went to Nicole for sewing lessons without any prior sewing skills or knowledge. My original intention for taking sewing lessons was to incorporate dressmaking,patterning and measurement into the art project that I was working on at the time. Nicole was very excited about the idea and gave me a good overview of options to choose one that would be best suited for my project. We picked a pattern, altered the size and adjusted it to fit me. Her many years of experience with fabrics and her immeasurable knowledge in clothes making and tailoring is definitely remarkable. Together with her joyful enthusiasm and creativity, I have accomplished making a dress for myself from scratch!!! On top of that, I have a friend who laughs as much as I do!"
-Sally Lee

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