Friday, March 2, 2012

Remembering the Holiday Workshop at Quartier Mode

Getting started 

Flora intently working on her floral brooch
Floral brooch making!



In the midst of the winter cold, I convinced 2 groups of eager seamstresses ( & seamsters -for men!) to come & visit me at my Mentee's Tiffany's Store, the brand new local boutique Quartier Mode.
For 2 days, I patiently taught each person to create 2 different accessories which I knew would compliment their wardrobe. The excitement was incredible, in the first evening I had a large group of diverse characters from Musicians to Math teachers, Jewellery designers,Journalists,Fashion Historians, Radio Hosts & more. I even had 2 men in the mix who created a joint gift for their mother. The 2nd day I decided to go easy & had a smaller more compact group of ladies, they were so focused & determined. The result of their work showed it, in lucious leopard prints,soft greys, black & white flowers, ruffly greens & plaids.
I was so excited to share my knowledge of tailoring & couture to those who are new to it!

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