Saturday, July 6, 2013

Montreal D.I.Y Sewing workshop (2 days only -July 12th & 13th)

I am in my hometown Montreal hosting 
2 D.I.Y packed sewing workshops on July 12th(1-4pm) & 13th(12-3pm). 
Cost of each workshop is $65 each (if you book for the 2 days it will be $100 total)

In the spirit of summer and my abundance of creative energy, I have designed a 3 hour session that will give you 4 AMAZING patterns in one(four 4 one)
Only because I love versatility, layers and transformational outfits(like a butterfly!)

To reserve your spot & discover the location send me a message at


*I think it started when I was little, I always wanted a unique style every day so a found a way to make that one favorite piece look different in every ensemble.   It's so much fun fooling your friends & family into believing you never wear anything twice!
Little do they know that your favorite piece is in almost every outfit.

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