Monday, February 10, 2014

Tailor made thoughts: Spark up your winter groove. Shine,sparkle and move forward.

"Whether it be boredom, fear, exhaustion or simply distraction, there are ways to shatter the walls that threaten to keep your ideas from developing. Here are a few exercises that can help in overcoming creative blockades, no matter what type of project you find yourself working on."

In the midst of the winter tundra, I am often torn by the lack of sunlight & the frost hitting me at full force. Despite all the elements, I am strengthening and planning for the Spring months.
Filling my notebooks,making lists and re-organizing my mind to prepare for those BIG shiny new projects. 

To give you all some background, I have changed my surroundings and made the move to Toronto. 
This move bought a new twist in my journey introducing the costume world to my repertoire of experiences. 

I still undoubtedly support talented designers,aspiring seamstresses and creative newbies.
This will always be my bottom line.
(I am still offering online tutorials,consultations and mentoring.)

As I am exploring this part of my life, I welcome you all to write me and share your thoughts,ask advice and propose design collaborations,etc.

I will be sharing with you all from time to time, DIY ideas, inspirations, connections,stories of my students/mentees and thoughts of the creative world.

You can always find me here:

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