Sunday, February 20, 2011

2nd: My sewing student Jasmine's Testimonial

"My style has never been more defined and unique since meeting Nicole. Altering garments and personalizing them to reflect my taste has been easily attainable with Nicole’s skills. Her extensive knowledge has allowed me to go beyond the basics and explore not only the fundamentals of sewing but fulfill my aspirations. Sewing is a skill that is achievable through Nicole. Not only have I fine-tuned my sewing skills but I have developed a friendship with a kind, patient and talented individual."

-Jasmine Lillie ( she is wearing two of her creations: Leather shorts & de-constructed tee)

* Jasmine always brings laughter,rogue-like qualities and a twinkle in her eye to our lessons.There's almost a new project every session, she knows how to run with an inspiration, usually in the upcycle, re-work and re-fashion kind of way with a dash of bohemian/punk energy.

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