Monday, June 25, 2012

Men Like Sewing.


I came to this realization the other day when I did the Fringe Eco-Fair and the majority of the people I taught there were Men (typically I have women,girls,kids).

Men like sewing in a specific way, it's usually about straight up technique.
How can I fix a hole or hem my pants or sew on a button?
They also asked me to teach them more complex stitches like it was a game challenge.
And if you can believe it, it was all hand stitching so no machines were involved in the process.
Although it's not a major surprise, men have been solid tailors since the beginning of the suit.
but I do feel it was a lost skill to the man when they believed that women only sew.
I think that sewing is not only creative but it has that technical side much like anything we build (cars,houses,computers..).
It just comes down to raw workmanship we used to know and having the guts to learn it again.
SO I just wanted to say that if your a man & you honed in on your mad sewing skills, I am seriously impressed by you!

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