Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Love of Skirts (and dresses too!)

Years ago I decided that skirts & dresses suited me & my body and this began my love of anything skirt/dress- like.
One of the easiest and non-fussy pieces to sew and create is a Circle Skirt, I believe it fits everywhere but more importantly in my daily life & business. It adds that little extra swish to my walk and compliments my array of accessories and tops.
So I found this amazing tutorial when I was doing my usual digging one day and I wanted to share it. I really wanted to inspire you to start your first project or at least your absolute favourite piece of the summer. The best thing about skirts is that as soon as you change the top and any detail around it, it becomes a whole new look. So nobody will find out that you actually have only one! (that's a trick of mine!).
* you can try this in jersey or woven fabric, play with fun prints & textures.
If you are really struggling with it, don't hesitate to ask me questions (see above on the right!).
I will be sure to answer it!
~Nicole Picard


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Scyt Rac said...

Nice content...the MaƟgeschneiderte Kleider is good for the formal occasion..
Thanks for the information