Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is it possible that you make that yourself?

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Can I make all my clothes head to toe? Yes.
Do I always make all my clothes? Sometimes, when I'm inspired & have amazing fabrics.
Do I want to be uniquely MY style? Of course, who doesn't?
Can I find my size,colour and look in any store? Not usually, I usually have to alter the garment to my size(I think I am a commercial size 10 it always changes though) or the fabric isn't strong enough, it usually falls apart after a week.

Ask yourself the same questions, I always do.
It's what convinces me to make my own clothes more & more, I resist going to the store to find yet another piece of clothing that wasn't made for me and my body.
Even if the garment is low in cost, I still regret that I could have just bought some amazing fabric & sewn it myself.Surprisingly, you can buy fabric beginning at $2 a metre (a metre can make a midi skirt).

So this week, with my new obsession in the sheer garment trend (skirts,tops,dresses)
I decided to make a midi sheer tangerine skirt (just a little above the knee), it's the perfect length for a women of 5'2(or any height) and any lady who is curvy or petite.
I love the way the sheer shows the silhouette but leaves some mystery, it doesn't feel like your wearing a sack.
 I tend to layer it over a fitted dress or skirt/top underneath in any colour to complete the look.
After I made it I realized that I love the way it looks & how I feel.
but the best part is when I hop on my bike, I have my skirt fluttering behind me like a bird.

Happy Thursday!
Hope your planning your creative projects for the holiday weekend!


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